Looking back and looking ahead


Where Covid has hit everyone in one way or another, we can look back and say: God is building His church.
Where many big churches struggled with keeping the crowd together, we are grateful that we could meet over zoom and had quality moments together as a church.

People started joining the church right in this season. People who had never entered a church before got to know the church over zoom. And, in the little moments where regulations were lifted we could celebrate a few baptisms!
Summer 2021 our Sunday gatherings took place in a park. Luckily the weather was helpful and we had some great family moments together. Random people passing by were curious about what we were doing and it was a fun time meeting new people.


We can say YES, thank you God for providing a meeting place for us! After Covid our previous location in Au Bassin couldn’t host us anymore. We were wondering if this is the moment for us to start renting our own place for throughout the week as well, but it wasn’t clear is that was the right thing. Then we found this fantastic place, JES in Molenbeek. A youth centre that has some great rooms for us to use.

Weekend away may 2022

We had a fantastic time in La Fosse last May as a church. It was a time for fun, food and fellowship. We had extended times for walks and talks, encouragement, prayer and a lot of fun. A crafts morning, singing around the camp fire, a talent show, a Sunday celebration, baptisms. All together it was a fantastic time as a family.

Looking ahead

Being an international church makes the church automatically very dynamic. People come for a season and people go again. This comes with some challenges too. We would love to see more people being added to the church. People that come in for a season, but also people from around, that we can build with together. Since we are in the middle of Molenbeek we would also love to be a light and a salt in this area. We are praying and looking into how God wants to use us in this area. How can we share the good news with the neighbours of the church?

These challenges are good challenges. They make us rely on God and on the power of the holy Spirit. We see that God calls us to Look Up to Him, Look In to be transformed and Look Out to others around us to make a difference.
We don’t want to settle for less than what we are called for.