We’ve Got A Name

We are very excited to announce that we’ve got a name! From now on we’re no longer Brussels Church Plant, we’re called ‘Mosaic Church’. And yes, we’re officially registered! So still a church plant, but now we have a name.

Spring has arrived and from the moment the first sunbeams touched the city, it has come to life! Dark months have passed, and everyone is out on the street. When you stand in the middle of the Grand Place and look around, it’s amazing to see how many different people, cultures, stories, backgrounds and colours you see. We love the fact that we live in such a diverse and cross-cultural city, and that we are growing as a cross-cultural church! ‘Cross-cultural’ is a funny word. Jesus, through the cross, has made us one, a family in a new culture, a heavenly culture that as a church we want to represent.

The name ‘Mosaic’ reflects both the church and the city. As a church we are a united through our diversity. We are all different, but united in Jesus. Broken pieces being put together in a beautiful piece of art. A place for everyone, no matter the shape, size or colour. As we have been welcomed by our Father, we want to be a welcoming church to others, regardless of culture, language or background.

The name also reflects the city – seeing so many different cultures, languages, and communities all under the Brussels flag. It works linguistically, as it is pronounced the same in most European languages, meaning it’s a name that people can relate to in their own language.

With the name Mosaic, we make a statement that God is the Artist and we all are the work of His hands.