Where Covid has hit everyone in one way or another, we can look back and say: God is building His church.
Where many big churches struggled with keeping the crowd together, we are grateful that we could meet over zoom and had quality moments together as a church.

People started joining the church right in this season. People who had never entered a church before got to know the church over zoom. And, in the little moments where regulations were lifted…

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In the spring of 2017, we started to gather as a church plant in our living room. We now meet in a café in the city centre of Brussels and the journey has been fun, crazy, hectic, and exciting as we’ve  jumped in to this adventure of church planting!

As a church, we are finding out what it means to work together, to be a family together, to be church together and to love the people in Brussels together… 

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We are very excited to announce that we’ve got a name!

From now on we’re no longer Brussels Church Plant, we’re called ‘Mosaic Church’.

And yes, we’re officially registered! So still a church plant, but now we have a name.

Spring has arrived and from the moment the first sunbeams touched the city…

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Brussels, a city with so many hidden treasures, a vast history, divided in language and so diverse that every day I question whether to greet people with a “bonjour”, a “goedendag” or a “good morning”; whether to give one, two or three kisses on the cheek – or none!

Do I stumble my way in French, do I try to get connected in Dutch or do I make a complete fool of myself speaking English to…

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