our story

We are a church plant in the very heart of Brussels. For many years New Ground had a vision and a dream for a church in Brussels. This dream has matured in the hearts of members of New ground for some time already. For the last few years Redeemer International Church in the Hague especially has been dreaming, aching and intentionally praying to see God move in this city.

The first people to move to Brussels for the church plant arrived in Spring 2017. We have started meeting regularly to build our family, pray and worship together. In autumn 2017 we grew out of the living room and we started meeting in a café in the city centre of Brussels.

Over the covid pandemic we have been able to meet online and later on we met in a park. After the covid pandemic we started meeting in our new venue in Sint-Jans Molenbeek.

Mosaic Church

Spring 2018 we started using the name Mosaic Church. The name ‘Mosaic’ beautifully reflects both the church and the city we’re in. As church we are a unity in diversity. We all are different, but united in Jesus. Broken pieces, being put together in a beautiful piece of art.