The team

We see in the New Testament churches are led by a team of elders. This is a beautiful model for leadership in church. We are still a young church plant and therefore we have not yet a team of elders.

At this moment the church/team is led by a team of people who are supported by our overseers.

Besides our leaders team, we also have a wider leaders team, where people can learn and grow in leadership and where we can carry out our vision for church in a better way.

Apostolic oversight

Mosaic church is part of the New Ground family of churches, led by Dave Holden.

We believe that we can achieve more together with churches that share the same heart and vision than we can on our own. We love to be part of this wider church family. We acknowledge the importance of apostolic ministry that helps to build churches on strong biblical foundations. We, as Mosaic church, receive apostolic input and direction from leaders we recognise with this gift from within New Ground. Our apostolic overseers are Chris Taylor, lead elder in Redeemer Church in The Hague and Henk Kersten, working for New Ground, both very gifted and great men.