A praying people

In the spring of 2017, we started to gather as a church plant in our living room. We now meet in a café in the city centre of Brussels and the journey has been fun, crazy, hectic, and exciting as we’ve jumped in to this adventure of church planting! As a church, we are finding out what it means to work together, to be a family together, to be church together and to love the people in Brussels together.

So, we’ve spent a lot of time in conversation discussing ideas and thoughts of how we can do this. What we have since seen and realised is that prayer is so much more important. Prayer puts things into motion, changes things and stirs faith. With prayer, we focus on Him, the Almighty One, rather than on ourselves, the not-so mighty ones. With prayer, we give room for the presence of God to be involved in every area or situation of our lives. 

Yes, God is able to change situations, but He’s also able to change our perspective on things. Either way, we pray that His will be done and for His Kingdom to come in our lives, church and city! So often we can find ourselves trying to work it all out on our own, while the answer is to pray. 

Do we ask God for help when we have run out of options? Or do we allow God to lead us in His ways from the beginning. It requires faith to allow God to lead, and it requires prayer to open our hearts and ears to hear His gentle words. 

God, help us to be a praying church!